Strangers of Seattle: Gentleman's Cookbook

I met 2 complete strangers at a bar at Heartwood Provisions.

Immediately we engaged in conversation and seconds later started eating their food and drinking their wine. I've already forgotten their names after hours of chatting, eating, drinking and laughing with these two. What I haven't forgotten is this one man's story.

He left everything he knew and moved to California and started working at a winery. He has since had an incredible career in the wine, food and beverage industry. 

He taught me two things:

  1. An old Sicilian drinking toast: start with "agua fresca, puro vino.." and ends with a celebration of women if you can imagine what that is
  2. Every man has a meal they cook to seal the deal

He and his friend have an idea for a cookbook. It is a collection of these meals that men use to cook for their love interest to seal the deal. Sealing the deal can mean a number of things whether it is to be exclusive or hook up, the goal is to charm their female guest.

These meals and recipes aren't something they googled, but they are recipes learned over time through grandmothers, childhood experience and gatherings. They are engraved in the heart and always cooked from memory and experience. It is their best food forward, and it is a key in courtship.

My Seattle

A round up of my favorite places in town:

Beecher's Cheese: the best Mac & Cheese
Ellenos: their yogurt tastes like fluffy ice cream clouds
Daily Dozen Doughnuts: danger
Rachel's Ginger Beer: boozy is the best
The Pink Door: the view from the patio is spectaular
Maximilien: a favorite French spot
Lowell's: fried seafood & Puget Sound views

Hauteyoga: the best yoga instructors in Seattle
Paper Source: my endless love for beautiful stationary and crafting classes
Grappa: home of amazing gnocchi
Kerry Park: best for weekend morning walks with a cup of joe
How to Cook a Wolf: cozy, delicious and the cooks have a sense of humor
Blue Highway Games: free games to play and a can of beer

Le Caviste: best wine bar...ever
Mr. West: Serrano sandwich & grapefruit San Pellegrino
Heartwood Provisions: open kitchen and met a stranger who told me all of his cookbook ideas
CenturyLink field: Seahawk's games
Damn the Weather: exposed brick bar
Rocco's: Stacy & Tina pizza
Space Needle: my $21 Seattle photo booth for visitors
Sculpture Park: favorite running trail to Ballard
Golden Singha: where all my Thai food dreams come true
Cantina Lena: Tom Douglas's bread making joint disguised as a Mexican restaurant
The Purple Cafe: vino galore
5th Ave Theatre: shows!
Frolik: where Seattleites pretend they aren't so casual
Bell + Whete: always reminds me of some of my favorite friends
Innkeeper: back patio party
Tower Deli: corporate slave lunch

Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya: hot, spicy broth & noodles
Garage: good for groups
Din Tai Fung: dumplings, dumplings, dumplings!
Bethany Community Church in Greenlake: calms my anxious heart
South Lake Union: loop for PRs and house boat watching
Bellevue: there is a Chick-fil-A there
Portage Bay Cafe: the tall, grey haired man finds you the best seats
Cinerama: marble popcorn
Stoneburner: meats, cheeses, pizza
Ballard is my favorite place to walk around and shop boutiques
Tractor Tavern: got in with a stick of gum, $2 and a smile