Dinner in Seattle: Mezcaleria Oaxaca

To share: Chips & Guacamole
Syndey: Tacos Carne Asada
Beth: Tostadas..?
Me: Carne Asada Plato with extra tortillas

There are sweet moments when friends call out of the blue and say, "We're going to dinner, will you join us? Right now?" 

Sydney, Beth and I gathered around a communal table in a small hallway Mexican restaurant. We were a round of drinks in and couldn't get our server to replenish our warm tortilla chips fast enough. 

It was one of those dinner conversations where it was engaging, thought provoking, inspiring and truly joyful. We shared the parts of hearts that inspire us and motivate us to continue to seek the good in our life and this world. Beth and I share this unwavering love of Julia & Julia for the inspiration it bring of 2 women committed to experiencing life through their simplest of their food and cooking desires. Sydney and I use writing as a catalyst to be our truest self where we have zero inhibitions than to be every emotion, memory and thought through pen & paper.

We left the table having cultivated joy and delight through the sincerest conversations of our passions, hopes, frustrations, experiences and everything in between. We didn't talk poorly of anyone, talk of work was minimal, men hardly arrived at topic, judgment was no where to be found and any self pride was left at the door. 

I hold onto these moments tightly and crave them often.