The Rent is Too Damn High

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The word transition just gets thrown around whenever we don't take the time to explain to someone what we're doing, what we're going through or what is truly going on in our lives. There are transitional phases in life whether its physical or psychological.

I have began my journey of moving out of Seattle. Seattle has been my home for almost 2 years. It's been the place where I've grown the corporate roots of my retail career. I'm privileged to have had the experience, and I've met amazing people along the way. My favorite part of my Nordstrom experience has been the endless opportunity of networking. I describe my day to day job as a shit show that moves fast and scrappy as can get in front of a computer screen with too many moving parts to describe. The best part is that I've done it with an awesome group of people who love to laugh.

The city itself has been less appealing and has more recently been a poor fit for me to call home. I don't enjoy living alone. I loathe paying incredibly high rent. I dislike the city's public transportation system. I dread rain and darkness. I don't care about coffee. 

The biggest cons come from what I'm missing out on. I have to be incredibly selective of choosing between family, friends and random adventuring when I travel and take time off. Choosing people over other people leaves me feeling empty.

I'd like to be closer to family and see them more than 4 times a year. The sunshine is calling me to back closer to where it rises in the East. 

I have learned things about myself and my faith in Seattle that I never would have learned elsewhere. I discovered the life changing effects of yoga. Truly life changing. If my purpose of living in Seattle was to discover yoga, I would be absolutely content with that.

What's next?
What city will I move to next?
Where will I work?
What will I do in my free time?
Who will I hang out with?


Dinner in Seattle: Mezcaleria Oaxaca

To share: Chips & Guacamole
Syndey: Tacos Carne Asada
Beth: Tostadas..?
Me: Carne Asada Plato with extra tortillas

There are sweet moments when friends call out of the blue and say, "We're going to dinner, will you join us? Right now?" 

Sydney, Beth and I gathered around a communal table in a small hallway Mexican restaurant. We were a round of drinks in and couldn't get our server to replenish our warm tortilla chips fast enough. 

It was one of those dinner conversations where it was engaging, thought provoking, inspiring and truly joyful. We shared the parts of hearts that inspire us and motivate us to continue to seek the good in our life and this world. Beth and I share this unwavering love of Julia & Julia for the inspiration it bring of 2 women committed to experiencing life through their simplest of their food and cooking desires. Sydney and I use writing as a catalyst to be our truest self where we have zero inhibitions than to be every emotion, memory and thought through pen & paper.

We left the table having cultivated joy and delight through the sincerest conversations of our passions, hopes, frustrations, experiences and everything in between. We didn't talk poorly of anyone, talk of work was minimal, men hardly arrived at topic, judgment was no where to be found and any self pride was left at the door. 

I hold onto these moments tightly and crave them often. 

Strangers of Seattle: Gentleman's Cookbook

I met 2 complete strangers at a bar at Heartwood Provisions.

Immediately we engaged in conversation and seconds later started eating their food and drinking their wine. I've already forgotten their names after hours of chatting, eating, drinking and laughing with these two. What I haven't forgotten is this one man's story.

He left everything he knew and moved to California and started working at a winery. He has since had an incredible career in the wine, food and beverage industry. 

He taught me two things:

  1. An old Sicilian drinking toast: start with "agua fresca, puro vino.." and ends with a celebration of women if you can imagine what that is
  2. Every man has a meal they cook to seal the deal

He and his friend have an idea for a cookbook. It is a collection of these meals that men use to cook for their love interest to seal the deal. Sealing the deal can mean a number of things whether it is to be exclusive or hook up, the goal is to charm their female guest.

These meals and recipes aren't something they googled, but they are recipes learned over time through grandmothers, childhood experience and gatherings. They are engraved in the heart and always cooked from memory and experience. It is their best food forward, and it is a key in courtship.